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Hey guys!

In this post I'm going to show you what's on my iPhone and how I edit my Instagram Pictures. I got a request on Tumblr, and I thought why not. Remember, if you have any request on, what to write a post about next leave in the commentsection below or write to me on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram! ^____^  [...]

As you can see, I've named all of folders with emojis instead. I'm a very organized person and I like to keep my phone that way too.

The Panda Folder is one of my most used folders with Facebook, Snapchat, WeHeartIt, YouTube, DropBox, Bloglovin', Tumblr, App Store, Messenger, Blogger and a shortcut to my blog etc. 

My photo-editing apps!
This is all of the apps I use to edit my Instagram photos. I don't use all of the on one picture, I like vary it a bit. I mostly use VSCO Cam for editing with filters, colors, light etc., SquareReady and SquareReadyV, so the whole picture or video is able to show on Instagram.
Moldiv is great for making frames and collages - I use it for all of my frames on Instagram.

PhotoWonder is great for getting rid of pimples and imperfections you don't want the world to see. Even though it shouldn't be necessary. No one is perfect, we all know that, but still we hide all of our imperfections and our insecurities. Maybe we're scared, that people will get to see who we really are? ... I'm getting off track, I'll save this for another post.

SquareReady - You can even move your pictures to the top corner, make it small, turn it upside down or whatever you would like to. 

Moldiv - There's so many different types of frames! 

The Girly Folder - It's where I keep all of my shopping apps. There isn't any Forever21 in Denmark I have no idea, why I have the app....

By the way, did you know, that there's a radio in the Urban Outfitters app? And it's actually a good radio? Like... What? Sometimes I just open the app, so I can listen to music!
Don't mind the "Fisketorvet"-App. It's the Copenhagen Mall - So don't worry if you've never heard of it before > <

The Tiger Folder - Rawr!
All of my games - I can sit for hours in my bed just playing games on my phone. I sound like a seven year old and I don't even care at all > < On the picture you can see my favorite games!

The Whale Folder

This is just some of the more practical things, like a dictionary and an overview of all the Danish trains and buses, so I don't get lost... Nevermind, I get lost either way...

Then I have LINE Tools, which is this really cool app, with a ruler, converter, protractor and so on. It's great, because I always forget my protractor at home...

Then I have a maps (Because again... It get lost pretty easily) and my mail, because lately I'm waiting for answer from my future school, so I'm checking my mail every day. I'm seriously so nervous, like what if I don't get in?

Then I have LINE, which is like Facebook messenger or Viber, but it's Japanese. I use it to communicate with friends and family from Thailand, and also it's super awesome. I like it a lot.

Then I have Google Translate, because... Well, French, English and Thai isn't always that easy. I have a very limited French and Thai vocabulary, so I learn new words every time I use it. Even though the school doesn't allow us to use it, because it translates wrong, but I'm doing fine, so I don't see any problem.

I use notes a lot, when I just get an idea for the blog, school project or a new scene to my stories, I write it in my phone right away. I don't really use my music library that much... I use Spotify, SoundCloud or iTube.

CountDown+ IS MY SURVIVAL FOR LONG SCHOOL DAYS! When it's 3pm in school and you're having geography it's nice to know there's only 49 days of school left.

Find My iPhone: ......... Well, isn't it just nice know where your phone is? If I could just do the same thing with all of my things.

"Been" is a really cool app, where you type in all of the countries or states you've been to, and it says how many percent of the world, you've been to. I've been to 6% of the entire world, but I've been some of the places 3-9 times, so I satisfied.

Wunderlist - Yes, I'm one of those girls who like making lists to everything! So yeah...

iTube - I think we all know that, but it's where you can listen to YouTube music offline


The Monkey folder
This is just a folder with all of the standard Apple apps you can't uninstall - I really don't use any of these at all...


Twitter is one of those social medias I use the most, and it's a great way for me to stay connected. Go follow me on @MazeDays, I mean... If you want to... No pressure! 

Okay, maybe just a bit... Go follow!

Unicef Tap Project
This is defiantly one of my favorite sites. I really love this and it's so important to help other people in the world. This is the least we can do, and I would really love everybody, who reads this, to go and check out the project. You just have to leave your phone alone for an hour or so. It's not that hard. I usually charge my phone while doing this. Read more about the project in my other post HERE! It's not really an app you can get on AppStore, but you can add the website to your frontpage, and it's so easy to just click and then watch a movie or something.

Go check out my Instagram (@MazeDays), to get an insight of my life in pictures! I'm so obsessed with Instagram, that it's probably bad, but it's just so addicting!


I really love have Spotify makes it so easy to make new playlists, add new songs and see what's popular with your friends and the world. All of the commercials are pretty annoying, but you get used to it. This picture is just one of my playlists on Spotify. 

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Love you all! xx

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