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This is a post about an extreamly unimportant thing, so if you want to read a long quality post about saving the world I reccomend finding another post - This is more about my "dramatic" experience, when the power went off [...]
This actually happend Friday 14. of March, but I still wanted to tell you about it. So the power kind of went off for half an hour in the entire town. The ENTIRE TOWN!  The water didn't work either and I was actually in the middle of a blog post, when the internet connection also went down. So I just sat there in the dark like: "Okay then.........".  I thought it was extremely cozy. I found candles and began making tea, and then the power went on again.  It was about 8pm and it was totally dark outside. I'm just happy I wasn't outside for a short walk or anything.

Some of the neighbors began yelling outside their windows, because X-factor was about to start. I just sat with my tea and was like: "Chillax, bro. Everything's gonna be alright," Okay, maybe I didn't think it in that way, but you know what I mean. I don't watch Danish X-Factor, because it pretty much sucks all of the years... Sorry, I hope I haven't offended the whole country now, but we really need better entertainment programs at 8pm on a Friday.

After 10 minutes I began doing yoga and I was actually pretty relaxed, so it was a bit sad it went on so soon... I also realized how reliant we're on the electricity. 

Welcome to the 21th century, where no one survives without television and internet connection.

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Love you all! xx

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