Mint & Coral + Update on my exams


I posted yesterday, but I just thought I would do a post more, because I just got announced what subjects I have to do exams in, and you can read about that below! xx

We're in the middle of spring, and I don't know about where you live, but the weather is pretty amazing here. The sun is shining, it's warm outside and I've actually just been laying outside reading and stuff. I think mint and coral compliments each other really well, so I put together this outfit if you're going to some kind of fancy event.

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School // My Life: I wished for not having exam in written geography and what do I get? Oral history and written geography..... I need to read 3 geography books now, because I never really understood any of the sedimentary rocks, weather, how moraine is formed, the climate and all that kind of stuff. I have no idea how I got top grades last semester, but I'm going to study hard until the geography exams iN 22 DAYS! But I got accepted at my new school anyway, I'm going to California next semester and I'm never going to have geography again, so I'm actually quite relaxed compared to how I usually react.

Are you going to any kind of finals or graduating? What are you excited for and what are you worried about? 

I need to go study, so have a nice day! xx
Love you all

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