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Some of you have been asking me some questions on my social medias, and I'm going to answer them here + What's happening in my life at the moment. You might not care at all, but I'm just gonna share it anyway!

Q) What's the thing people get most surprised about, when they first meet you?
A) I don't like pizza. I just don't. When I was younger I absolutely hated it. Now I can eat about one slice of pizza without feeling sick. It's just I don't want to be the black sheep when I'm out with friends, so I eat for being polite. I hate when I meet new people and they're like: "We should go get so pizza!" and I'm just "We could get something else too - Like nachos or something..." I love nachos and fries, and they love me. Let's live happily ever after!

It was a bit difficult when I was younger and had to go to sleepovers with my friends, and we were always having pizza and soda, and I don't liked any of it. I'm really not a picky eater at all. I just tend to not like the most popular things...

Q) What do you want to do, when you get older?
A) I would love to work with film or television. I'm really interested in the whole media/entertainment business. Not actor or anything like that, but to be a TV/film producer, director, screenwriter or journalist. Traveling around the world while blogging could also be something, that I could be interested in.

Or work in a coffee shop. I don't really know.

Q) I read in one of your previous posts, that you love K-Pop! I love K-Pop too! Just wonder, what's your favorite K-Pop song at the moment?
A) To the people reading, who might not know what K-Pop is. The "K" stands for Korean, so it's Korean pop music. I've been listening to K-Pop for quite a while now, so I have a lot of favorite bands and artists, but some of them are EXO, Big Bang, B.A.P, K. Will, Urban Zakapa, SHINee, B1A4, Lee Hi and Phantom.

Q) Left- or right handed? You look like someone, who's left handed.
A) I'm not really sure how you can 'look' left handed. Anyway I'm right handed. You don't want to see my left handwriting. I'm not even sure, you can call it writing.

Q) Are you Asian? Where are you from?
A) My mother is from from the North East part of Thailand, but my father is from Denmark. I'm mixed, but I was born and raised in Denmark and I've lived here for my entire life. I defiantly look Asian, and both my Thai and Danish friends sees me as Asian.

Q) What's your favorite tv-series?
A) Oh God... I have so many, but Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Carrie Diaries, Teen Wolf, Hart of Dixie, How I Met Your Mother, Borgen (Danish TV-show, but I think you can watch it in most of Europe actually), Glee and a lot Asian variety shows.

I love to answer your questions. Is there anything you want to ask me? Sent me your questions on any of my social medias - Links below! xx

The view of Prague
// My Life ATM 
The last day of school is on Wednesday and in Denmark we usually celebrate with having on a costume, water fights and throwing caramels at the younger classes. I haven't bought caramels yet - need to do that today too.

I'm going to be dressed in panda costume, which mean I'm going to go through the entire town wearing a panda costume. That will be fun.

We're going to meet at my math teacher's house and eat breakfast, while the younger classes eat in the school's canteen. The food is usually really really bad. I got sick for two days after last year, so let's hope it's better this year!

It's weird thinking I only have two real days left of ninth grade. After the summer vacation I'm going on new adventures with new people, and I'm actually very excited. I'm going to freaking California in less than three months! I can't even think about all those memories I'm going to make while I'm there.

It's like I don't even care, that I might've failed my math exam. I'm already on my way to a new life. I feel old already. Sometimes the obvious just hit you like a wall, and I wish I could go back in time for a bit and just enjoy the small things.

I've been blogging for six months on Thursday, and it's like it was last week, where I tried to make the border around my photos to disappear. I remember being so happy about my 21 readers, and the first comment. I sound like a mother, when her children are about to go college. IT'S LIKE I'M HAVING A MIDLIFE CRISIS AT 15.

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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