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On my way home from Prague
So if you've followed my blog for awhile you know, that I love to travel, and I've been traveling quite a bit. I've not been to all of the continents yet, but I've made a list of 6 of the places I want to visit before I die. It's like my blog is turning into a travel blog. It's not. I promise I'll make more mixed posts in the future! xx 

Hong Kong
I know Hong Kong is a part of China, but I still consider it as two different places. I've wanted to visit Hong Kong for a really long time now. I'm not even exactly sure why. Some people might say, that all Asian countries are the same. I admit some Asian countries are a bit similar, but I don't think the atmosphere is the same in all countries.

I like to believe, that every country has its own special atmosphere, which makes the culture special. I could probably go on and on about how similar Denmark and Sweden are; and there's defiantly a lot of similarities, but it will never be the same to walk around in Copenhagen's streets as it would be walking around in Stockholm's, because it will always have a different feeling to it. 

The closest I've been to Japan is with Google Streetview and I might sound really sad, but seeing pictures of Japan was enough to make me want to go there. Isn't Japan one of those places everyone wants to go? I'm going to sound pathetic and stereotypical, but I want to drink green tea and eat sushi in Japan before I die. When I was younger I also watched Japanese game- and variety shows - I watch more Chinese and Korean television now - and I'm just interested in Japanese culture, people, nature, food and everything!

South Africa
I think one of the things, that wants me to go to South Africa is because I don't know anyone who has been there. I've never been to Africa at all, so I'm not really sure what I'm talking about, but it must be completely different and amazing to go there and explore a completely different culture. Also South Africa is almost 3 times bigger than Denmark and have a whole different nature than anything I have already seen. I really hope I can go there some day in the future!

I just really want to go to the Pacific. Australia is just so far away. I can't even relate to it. I might be able to go to Australia next year with my school, so let's hope that's going to happen!

The United States
The US really does seem like the land of opportunity. It seems like everything is possible in The US. You always hear stories, listen to music or watch movies from The US. My old English teacher once said "In America everything is bigger and better!". I don't know if that's true, because I've never been there. I'm sure there's a downside too. My 11 year old kind-of-cousin from Thailand just moved to Michigan with her mother. That's a really big thing for a thai family - Especially from the village my family lives in. I'm actually moving to California next semester! I made a short post about it - You can read it HERE, if you want to!

Okay, so even though I live in Europe and I've been to France, Italy, Prague, Germany, Sweden, England, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia and The Netherlands I have never been to Switzerland. I know a lot of friends, who has been in Switzerland and they say the nature is beautiful, but it also looks a bit like old Germany and Austria, which kind of makes sense... I've had a friend who has lived there for most of her life, and she says it's defiantly a place I need to visit before I die. I trust her. It's "only" about 1200 km from Denmark to Z├╝rich, so it's one of the closest places on my list. I should be able to visit Switzerland before I die. 

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My life - update // Things has been quite hectic the last couple of weeks. I only have 4 real days of school left! 4! I'm supposed to be all happy and excited, but I'm getting concerned about the exams, my future, my life and everything! I'm so dramatic, sorry...

By the way I got chosen to hold the graduation speech in front of the entire school. I'm really honored, that I got chosen - Now I just need to write a speech...

I'm pretty sure I failed math. I'm really disappointed of myself, because I had studied so much before the exam and I just screw up everything. Sigh. I'm going to have math the next 3 years, so let's hope I can make it up then. Tip to everyone who's having math exam soon or in the future: Don't panic. Everything's going to be alright.

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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