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So I've been told a lot of times, that I've changed. That I don't say my honest opinion out loud anymore, I'm trying to satisfies everyone, I'm never critical and I don't hate passionately. It's actually most of my teachers, who says that about me (except my social studies teacher) - it's not like I care that much about my teachers opinion on me - I get A's anyway so it's not that big of a problem. It still bother me a lot, though. I want to improve. So that's why I'm telling you my honest opinions. I'll tell you what I hate. This is my very pessimistic post. Try to enjoy my criticism to the world.


I'll start with explaining the background situation, then I'll continue with an example from my own life, the reason why I decided to keep my criticism to myself, and then I'll end the post with a list of things I hate/annoys me extremely.

From 5th - 8th grade I was very critical. I always had an opposite opinion, than anyone else. I was outnumbered. I didn't had a problem with that at all. Until I began annoy a lot of people with my honesty, losing friends and I suddenly realized I was alone with my opinions. I went from one extreme to another. I didn't say anything at all. I'm trying to find my balance now.

~ · ~

One day in social studies we were talking about politics and financial aid to developing countries. Denmark has one of the biggest foreign aid in the world - in percent (We're only behind Norway, Luxembourg and Sweden). Denmark gives about 0,9% of Denmark's GDP, which in 2012 was about 16 billion DKK (about US $2.9 billion / £1.7 billion / €2.1 billion).

Everyone in the class thought that was waaaay to much, and most people agreed. Some people tried (without sounding racist or heartless) to say, that they wanted to dispose the foreign aid. They were talking about: "Denmark doesn't get anything out of this anyway", "waste of money" and "It doesn't help at all!" I knew my own standpoints to the topic, so I didn't necessarily want to start a big fight, where my odds of winning the argument was really bad. But I couldn't let people think, that I agreed. I couldn't just passively hear about their terrible arguments.

I raised my hand slowly and said, that I would like the foreign aid for developing countries to be at least 5-10% of the Danish GDP. At least. All I really wanted was an reaction. An eye opener. I hadn't really thought this thing through, but I just couldn't stand hearing them say, that they wanted to lessen the foreign aid. In my ears it sounded like: "screw the people in need". If I had said 20% I would probably have gotten a bigger reaction, but I wouldn't have been able to defend myself with really good knock-out arguments.

The class was silent for about 10 seconds, and the person - I don't want to tell any name, so let's call the person "Ann Oying". Ann began telling me how wrong I was, but the teacher interrupted Ann and told me to continue. I began to talk about my points of views. I explained that we shouldn't always expect to get something back. I even made a reference to Christmas Eve and God. You should've thought, that in a Christian country it would be obvious to involve Christianity. That's not always the best way.

I told the class that if I became president of Denmark (Yes, I'm aware we don't have presidents in Denmark yet) I would focus on the environment, foreign aid and a sustainable future. Ann interrupted again and asked (This isn't Ann's exact words, but somewhere along...): "Then what would you do for the citizens of Denmark? What would you do about the unemployment rate, immigration, asylum seekers, education etc." It was like I was doing an election campaign and had to defend myself and my opinions. I just answered, I hadn't figured out exactly all of my political views yet. Then Ann mumbled something I can't remember and class continued. 

Now, I'm not a politician - nor is it one of my ambitions - but I'm interested in politics and I like to discuss the subject (Even though it isn't social acceptable to talk about politics - unless you're an politician, or as me don't care about social norms). 

I'm especially interested in politics in the European Union. I don't like how big EU has become, because in my opinion the whole idea of EU has changed a lot through the years. You may or may not agree in my political views, but this is not what the post is about. I'll go on, then...

~ · ~

It's not like I'm not critical at all, but most times I don't say my opinions out loud - (This is going to sound extremely arrogant) I just don't bother to start a discussion every time I say my honest opinions. It's not like I'm scared of how people react. I'm just tired to always be the odd man out. The outnumbered. This is of course against all the 'be yourself' and 'be original' ideals, that I stand for.

I've been called very polite and well-behaved, because of my superficial opinions. I understand what my teachers are trying to tell me, but even though I don't care about all those shallow social norms and ideals - I still try to be lady-like at times, because that's a way for me to show respect and present myself decent with good manners, dignity and not least with respect - and I believe it's important to show people, that you have some self respect.

That sounded very upper class - What I mean is, I want people to respect me as an equal human-being and not an irrational, short-tempered teenager with no self respect. I'll listen to people's opinions, and even though I don't agree with them I can still tell them in a well-mannered way or I'll just stay quite.

I'm a very confident person. I'm not as insecure, as I used to be. It's a matter of self-respect, that I don't start a fight with everyone, who has a different opinion than me. I'm tired of fighting. I know what I stand for. We can't all agree on everything. That would make the world an extremely boring place.

I love to hear what other people think and has to say, and if there's a good argument I can change my mind easily and see it from other perspectives - but I'm my own person with my opinions. I don't necessarily need other people to agree with me. I see it as I'm choosing my battles wisely.

I'm getting tired of people who has to try to convert me into a little robot, who says and does what everyone else does. Just because society has a specific view on how to act and what to say - it doesn't mean you have to be like that.  

I don't believe in hating "passionately". If you're hating someone/something passionately something is wrong - in my opinion. I believe in loving passionately, though.

~ · ~ 

Now, let me tell you what I hate...

"Culture shock"
Don't ever use the word "culture shock" when you're around me. I'll probably be thinking about high-fiving you. In the face. With a whale. I hate when people go to f.x. Kenya, Thailand, India or Brasil and comes back like: "People were sitting on the street with sick children and begged for money. It was such a culture shock!" I hate people who are so disorientated, that they don't know what's happening outside their own safe little bubble.

Racism, sexism, homo phobics, religion discrimination and other types of discrimination.
For God sake it's 2014. If we're going to live on the same planet you need to get over yourself. We should all be able to be who we are and be proud of it! I'm an Asian female Buddhist living in a European Christian country - I've been accused for eating dogs, being a genius just because I'm Asian, getting admired by parents and teachers just because people "feel bad for me" because of my skin color.

I'm damn proud of who I am. All the things I have achieved has nothing to do with where my mother is from. It's called hard work - get used to it. The world is globalizing. Get used to see different colored people or else you'll get a hard time. Actually I just hate very judgmental people in general. I'm discriminating discrimination.

People causing environmental damage
I'm really into a sustainable future as I wrote previously, and I hate those wannabe badasses who throws their waste and paper wrappings everywhere. I'm going to sound so extremely stupid - I'm well aware of that - but think about the polar bears and everyone who's going to deal with your stupidity.

Not taking mental illness of teenagers seriously
Teenagers are human beings. The stage between children and young adults. We're treated like children and supposed to act like adults. Of course as a teenager I see this at a teenage perspective. If you see scars on someone's wrist. If someone's getting extremely skinny in a short amount of time. If someone's telling you repeatably, that they don't want to live anymore. If you see any signs of depression. If someone's going through a hard time it doesn't matter if you're 12, 16, 22 or 57 years old. Don't wait until your loved one has had an axiety attack, take antidepressants, getting an eating disorder.

Please don't wait until your loved one is lying unconsciously in the bathroom with a cut vein or with an overdose of pills. Please don't wait.

I'm aware that some teenagers are overreacting. Calling mood swings being bipolar, because that makes them more interesting. I just think that parents - and people in general - should be more aware, that teenagers also deals with insecurities and a troubled mind. Teenagers can be stressed. It's not always just a "teenage thing" and you can't just tell them to "get over it". Even though I wish it was so simple. It's not. Look out for the signs.

People who generalizes and have to put everyone in a specific category
Just because I'm mixed Asian doesn't it mean, that I'm a math genius. Just because a person is blonde doesn't it mean he/she is stupid. Just because I Buddhist doesn't it mean, that I meditate everyday and drink green tea (Okay, I do drink green tea a lot...). Just because you're a Muslim doesn't it mean your evil. You can't put people into small boxes as you prefer. You can't always part people into good and evil. We're not a 'type'. We have a lot of different personalities and we act differently, when we're with specific people. We're a lot of different people in one body.

I know, life would be so much easier if we could say 'you're one of those rich annoying brats' and 'you're one of those dark souled goths'. You can't categorize people by their appearance. You can be good at 'reading' people, but don't think you know them, before you actually do.

~ · ~

Phew... Now that's out of my system. My shoulders just got lighter. I made this post mostly to show myself and people around me, that I'm not just some happy balloon, who lives the life passively. I hope I kind of send a message about my opinions without traumatizing anyone haha xx

Thank you for reading.

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