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I'm not a fashion blogger - or intend to become one, but I still like these small inputs of my style. [...]

'Ello, waffles!

I bought my clutch at the Portobello Road Martket in London. The Portobello Market has a lot of different things - and you might know, that it's one of my favorite places in London. Good food, good atmosphere and I miss it a lot! I wrote a post about my food adventure in Portobello Road HERE.

I actually bought the clutch a couple of years back (one of the first times I was in London). It cost about £9 / $15.2 / €11.2. It's really good quality and really pretty in my opinion. Since it's a clutch there isn't that much space for at lot of things.  I use it mostly at these classy/fancy parties - like weddings, family birthdays, etc. I haven't used it a lot, because... well honestly I don't get invited to that many things... Oh that sounded really lonely, but there haven't been many occasions to use it lately.

My phone //
The wi-fi addicted generation. I know I've said it before, that I want people to live in the moment, instead of living your life through a screen - there's just times where you want to capture the moment with your phone. I also love to edit films. So sometimes I can film a lot of random things, edit it together and show it to my family and friends. Like small video diaries.

Lipbalm //
Recently I use my vegan Hurraw lip balms. I love them. They're really moisturizing and light. Also they smell really good! They are my favorite lip balms. I have two different - one with vanilla (which I can't find) and one with root beer. 

Money //
There isn't enough space for my huge wallet - so I tend to always have my card or some change with me. I always have just enough money for at train ticket, if I forget my travel card (it's like the English Oyster Card). 

Mints //
I don't it like when my breath stinks. I'm not a big fan of gum. Actually I just hate the peppermint flavor - Don't ask, I have no idea why...

Phone Charger //
I don't always have my charger with me - because I almost never use it, when I'm at parties. I just always think "in case of an emergency". I also use my phone a lot to take photos, so it would suck if my phone died. A charger takes up some space, so sometimes I can just have it in my jacket pocket.

~ · ~

That's the main things I have in my clutch. What do you usually have in your clutch? I would love to know in the comments, because that isn't creepy at all... haha! xx Love you all and have a super  great amazing day!

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