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I know I've been posting less frequently and I'm sorry. I really do not have a good excuse, that can make up for that. It has been one of those days... but just for the entire week. I'm sorry, but I wanted to make a post about what's going on in my life. I have exciting news to tell you and apparently also an inspirational speech.


So everything in my life has been a little bit off lately, but now things are starting to settle. No exams left, the graduation speech is done, the gift for my teacher is bought, I've cleaned the house and I've watched all the Switched at Birth episodes in 1,5 week (That's a good show by the way!) 

You can't really say I've been stressed out, but I've had some stuff on my mind and to be honest I've been lazy. I've been tired, sad and spending my days at home in PJs, watching tv-series and eating chocolate. I know what you might be thinking, but there hasn't been any heartbreaks. I've just been feeling like a failure for the entire week and I never want to get out of the house again............. 

What I'm trying to say is, I've been procrastinating - I'm very sorry.

My graduation is on Thursday and then I'll officially have ended the mandatory primary education (9. grade). It's the day I've waited for since I started school. I'll probably make a post about that too.

So I spent my Sunday exploring The Old Town. It was beautiful out there - and especially the weather. Ate some food, got ice-cream and all those summer family things you used to do when you were six... But to be honest it was actually kind of nice. The old town is beautiful by the way. All the pictures in this post are from that day.


So I've decided that I wanted to move away from home. Away from my parents and the town I've lived in most of my life. I'm going to be moving to Copenhagen, Denmark's capital - close to my new school. 

Moving to Copenhagen is kind of a big thing for a sixteen year old from a small suburban town. I'm going to move in January/February-ish - So I'll be sixteen when I'm moving. Of course it'll be new and different, but I can't wait.

I'm not moving, because I have any problems with my parents - not at all, actually - but I really need to be closer to school and my new life I'm starting after the summer vacation. You might not know, but I'm starting the secondary education (It's like 10-12th grade/high school-ish) - I made a post about it HERE and if you want to know more about the Danish education system, you can check it out HERE (There is a picture, which explains it all).

My parents aren't against it, they think it would be great for me to be closer to my school and my friends - but they are still my parents, so of course they will miss me, be worried and text me ten times a day. They trust me and I'll still be home every once in a while - so it's not like I'm just moving out and leaving everything behind.

We made a deal. I'm going to get a job, go to school, pay for the rent, my own clothes and stuff like that, but they're going to give me money for food until I'm 18. I think that's great, because I like to eat... a lot... all the time. I don't want to work all the time either. I don't want to neglect school just to earn money. School is first priority. Oh - and it would also be quite nice if I could get some good friends.


If I'm going to stay with my parents I need to use 2 hours on transportation everyday - and even though many people use a lot more time on transportation it isn't a solution for me. Also the public transportation system doesn't really like me.... at all... Also if the trains or buses are delayed just a little bit, and I'm going to be late for school, I get absence - and my school takes absence really seriously. I'm allowed to have 10% absence, but I'm not going to take any chances.    

It's really important for me to move to another town. I've been living in the same town for 10 years, I went to school here for 10 years and I've been with the same people for about 3-10 years. Same stores, same buildings, same teachers and same people. Even when I switched school in 6th grade my old school was only 500 meters away. 

In 6th grade I wanted the same thing as I want now - a change of scenery. Now I finally have the opportunity! My school is in Copenhagen, there are a lot more job opportunities in the city and I'll be closer to my new classmates too. I have already saved up a lot of money, but I'm also going to get a job, so I'm sure I can pay the rent.

I'm first going to move after I've been to California - You can read about that HERE.

I'm not really worried about paying rent, getting a job, making dinner, cleaning and stuff - I'm more worried about if I'm going to be good in school. My whole life I've always been this smart Asian girl, but I'm starting this new adventure. 

The people from my class are a lot older than me, have taken an extra optional year after ninth grade, some have been living abroad already - some as exchange students for a year, and some with their entire family for a long amount of time. Somehow I feel like I belong and somehow I don't.

Many of my friends thinks I'm crazy - some are jealous too of me moving. People think I'm this spoiled little miss perfect who travels all the time, gets A's in school and everybody loves me. Some people thinks my parents are just going to buy an apartment and pay the rent for me. I just want people to know that isn't true. I work hard in school, I save up money for traveling, I respect and care about other people. It isn't only luck. It's hard work.

My luck is being born in a safe country with freedom, a functioning education system and parents who loves me. My hard work is school, social life, money, feelings and just dealing with life it self in general. 

Life isn't easy, but some things are just more difficult for some people than others - and some things are easier for some people than others. Sometimes you just need to work a bit harder than other people. 

For example; some people can get an A in physics easily - I need to work very hard to get a C, but it's the hard work that gets me from F to a C - It's the change you make that matters.

I have never understood physics/chemistry, but I studied every waken hour on all the topics we had ever had in school. I woke up at 4am to study for chemistry, because I was nervous and scared. I got that A, because I worked hard and didn't use my spare time going out with friends and getting drunk.

A lot of changes are happening, but I'm looking forward to it. As you know my exams are over, and my oral examination grades are: A in physics/chemistry (it's one subject), A in Danish, B in history and A in English - I'm thankful, but of course wanted to be that girl who got straight A's. Two from my class got straight A's in their oral examination. Of course it bothers me little, because I'm a competitive person, but I'm proud of how it turned out.

Oh, and the picture above is banana flavored ice-cream, which is one of the best ice-cream flavors on a hot summer day! What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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