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Road trips are great, right? Well I went on road trip to Gothenburg for a day - and this is what happened! Remember to read part 1 first!

Hiluuu, my friends!

This is part 2 of my road trip to Gothenburg last weekend, so if you haven't read part 1 yet, you can go read it right HERE! You can also read it afterwards..... but it would make more sense if you read part 1 first. If you haven't read it already. That make sense, doesn't it?

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What the hell is "feksekôrka" you might think?

The Swedish Feskekôrka is fish market where you can buy... well... fish and fish looking things. I tried the "kräftsallad", which means "crab salad". I thought it was good - even though it cost 67.8 Swedish kronor = € 7.3 / £ 5.8 / $ 9.8, which I think is expensive for a box of crab salad. I guess it depends from person to person, but it is probably not something I would buy too often. It's probably fresh and good quality, but then again, what do I know about fish?

The feskekôrka was a very charming place though. I don't know if it was only our bench, but the benches were NOT STABLE. It seemed like they could fall a part at any moment. We were sitting three people on a normal bench, but if one got off the bench the people on the other side would hit the ground - And no it's not because we were all extremely overweight. It looked like the other benches weren't that stable either, so be careful! Haha!

Then we saw this beautiful church, but unfortunately it was closed - and can I say how hard it was to take that picture? I had to cross the road and almost lay down on the street - It was huge! Not like big Italian churches, but big enough.

Before I got home I had to buy some candy. Candy is so cheap in Sweden compared to Denmark, so of course I went for the pic'n'mix - Even though I kind of regret I did that now. I just loved fudge when I was younger, but when I tasted them again I thought they tasted horrible! They are very sweet, but then again... I ate almost all of them.... So they couldn't have been THAT bad.

We also bought like three boxes of Ferrero Rocher and I've always loved chocolate, so that's always good!

Lovely Weather
It quickly began raining on our way home, but I love driving in rain while listening to music (as long as I'm not the person driving! Haha!). I don't know why people always think I'm being sarcastic, when I'm saying I love rainy/windy. I actually like it. I might be crazy, but I tend to laugh at myself whenever it rains. I don't know why, but it's kind of sad and funny at the same time and I just laugh. It sounded a lot more normal in my head.... Now I definitely sound crazy! Haha!

My "Incident"
So we had a break at Max's (Fastfood "Restaurant"-thing) parking lot, and I had been sitting in the car for quite a while, so of course I was jumping and running around like crazy outside.

And as I mentioned before, it had just rained and I was jumping around.... And.... Ehm.... Then my food got stuck in the mud.......

Sorry for the crabby iPhone photo
BUT THE MUD WAS LIKE FREAKING QUICKSAND! It was so soft that my entire foot was stuck. I got most of the dirt off before I took the photo, but my shoe was covered in mud. Reminder to myself: Don't be overly excited close to wet mud....

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Thank you for reading! I have one last part left of my "Road Trip To Göteborg, Sweden"-posts! We explored some of the Swedish suburbs on the way home, when we came across........??

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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