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Yesterday we went to Six Flags: Magic Mountain. We were supposed to take the bus at 8am sharp, but because some were delayed we had to wait for them for half an hour. Then we had to stop at McDonalds, because some of us didn't get breakfast (#healthy). I had a window seat, so I just plugged in my headphones and as you know music is my road trip essential. 


Six Flags is crazy. The rides are mindblowing. I was told it was a crazy amusement park, but never had I imagined anything like that. The rollercoasters were freaking tall. Some of the rides blew my mind. LOOK AT THE GREEN LANTERN. What? What? What? JUST LOOK AT IT. And that's not even big compared to some of the other rides. I was looking at some of the roller coasters and I was like: "Is that even possible? Wouldn't you like.... die or something? Aren't they breaking the law physics?"

I'm such a coward when it comes to amusement parks. I don't like not being in control of myself. I don't think I will ever be able to go to a Danish amusement park again after seeing all that. There were so many indescribable rides. Even thinking about it makes my mind go crazy. There weren't that many in line when we first got there, but after 2-3 pm we had to stand in line for more than an hour. That is probably the worst thing about popular amusement parks. 

We also tried river rafting, where we were queuing for 90 minutes. On the sign it says: "You might get wet or even soaked". No. You will get soaked. I sat in the perfect seat, but my friends got this huge wave over them multiple times. It was so funny. I have never laughed that much in my entire life. I probably sounded like a seal or something, but God... I was probably the only one who thought it was funny. I also got wet, but not even close to my friends. My pants and my right side of my shirt was totally soaked. 

I also really wanted to buy a souvenir, and I saw this awesome fluffy green monkey teddy with a t-shirt wich said Six Flags on it. I wanted it so much, but then I saw it cost $14 and I was like nevermind. Why does it have to be so expensive? I know they are supposed to earn money, but $14? Even $7 would be a lot of money. It's ridiculous. 

I ended up using my money on almost as expensive food. I don't think it's nice for the American families who might not have the money to take their children to Six Flags. I'm not saying that going to an amusement park is a necessity, but a family with two children could quickly spend more than $100 in Six Flags. Not all have the same opportunities, and I think most parents would like to take their children to Six Flags.    

My friends and I also went to try funnel cakes. I had never tried it before, and I wasn't even hungry, because I had eaten this really disgusting meatball sandwich, but my friend just wanted it so bad. She didn't want to eat it alone, so another friend and I decided to share it with her. She chose Oreo flavour, even though I'm not the biggest fan of Oreos it actually tasted really good. It's like a mix between churros and waffles with ice-cream, oreo whipped creme, powdered sugar and Oreo pieces. We ate all of it. Yes, it does look like a 1000-calorie meal... Don't judge us. I don't even think it's possible for me to loose weight here. I have gained so much weight already, but we are only here for 4 months. Just living the American lifestyle. 

I liked how there are mountains and so many trees around the park. I'm actually just still amazed of the California nature in general. We had to go home at 6:30pm just before the fright fest. I really wanted to see all the monsters, but 'luckily' seven were stuck in line of a roller coaster, so we had to wait for them for 45 minutes. So we got to see 15 minutes of fright fest. I could've stayed longer, though.

On our way home we got dinner at In-N-Out. I didn't try the get animal style as I was recommended, because I was just so tired that I didn't even care what was happening around me. I was exhausted! I should've bought the vanilla milkshake. They are so good!

I ended up using $16 for the entire day. $12 on an expensive gross meatball sandwich with fries, $4 on funnel cake and $2.5 on In-N-Out. Even though I'm a coward when it comes to amusement parks. It was just such an amazing and fun experience. 

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Sorry for the lack of updates and off scheduling, but I hope you enjoyed the post anyway. Now I am going to disappear in marketing, international economy and math homework, while my room looks like a mess. I have been procrastinating all day. Have you ever been to Six Flags before? What do you think about it? 

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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