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The weekends here in California are great - Always going on road trips or doing something fun and exciting. School is still really tough. I do homework for about 6 hours every day, but it's alright as long as I learn something.


Last weekend was great. I didn't do much Friday beside going to the school's football game, but Saturday and Sunday were booked!

Some of our American friends invited us to a party. It was more like a fun gathering than a party. We were in total 6 Danes and 7 Americans. It was a bit awkward in the beginning, but it actually became quite fun later on. We were eating nachos and fruit while talking and listening to music. Some of the guys tried to put on some Danish pop music - and I hate most Danish pop music - So that was just a bit awkward. I also met some new people, which are really nice. There are less than 100 days till we are heading back to Denmark, so I'm just trying to integrate and make some good American friends.

I also had S'mores for the first time - like real American s'mores with graham crackers, Hershey chocolate and marshmallows.

After the party we went to one of my Danish friend's house, where we had planned a good old sleepover. We were lying on the floor with 2 bags of chips, 3 muffins and watched Disney's Camp Rock movie. It was so fun to sing along on the songs - and you suddenly feel so old, when you realize it's 6 years old... When the movie was over we just lied in our beds and talked about everything. It was totally like a sleepover you had in middle-school, but it was so nice to have a break from the world. For a couple of hours I forgot that I was in another continent 5.500 miles away from where I grew up. It was good. Sometimes it is good to forget.

The next day we woke up and my friend's host mom had made breakfast burritos. I repeat: breakfast burritos. The word it self translates into: breakfast heaven. That was a really good way to start the day. Later we drove to Santa Maria where we went shopping at some other outlet I can't remember and went to TJ Max (also my first time). My friends took forever to shop. I like shopping, but I can't be in the same store for hours. They bought some shoes and some dresses. I also bought a orange-floral-kind-of dress and a white cardigan that I'm suppose to wear for the school's Hawaiian theme dance.

My First Time In-N-Out Experience
Before we drove home we had to get something to eat - and everyone decided to go to In-N-Out. I had never tried In-N-Out before, but I had heard a lot of amazing things about it - So I was of course excited. The whole 'restaurant' was like an old diner - which I know is a part of their concept. I had a cheeseburger (You can't see the cheese) with fries. I liked the atmosphere and the staff was really nice to us, but I didn't think their food was that great. It tasted fresh and well-prepared, but I wasn't blown away by deliciousness. Maybe I'm just weird, but I think the whole In-N-Out trend is a bit hyped. 

BUT THEN I tried their vanilla milkshake.... and it was literally the best milkshake I have ever had in my entire life. I would not come back to In-N-Out for their food, but their utterly amazing milkshake. So good.

But what do you think? Have you been to In-N-Out before? What do you like the best?

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I have now been in California for 3 weeks. Even though it is California, I can still feel that fall has approached us - In the morning I wear a sweatshirt and it's about 12 C / 54 F, but at lunch it's like 35 C / 95 F outside and it feels like you are in California again.

This weekend I'm just going to relax, sleep and read. I'm currently reading 'Divergent', because I saw the movie in the plane and I had to read the book. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! 

And I'm so sorry again for the bad quality pictures.

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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