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It was Laborday Weekend last weekend, but also my real first weekend in America. I went to Santa Barbara last Saturday.... and let's just say, that the American public transportation systemHATES me. I thought the Danish public transportation system was annoying, but not anymore....


So last weekend I went to Santa Barbara, on a picnic with my Danish classmates and their host family and then I went shopping on Labor Day.

On Saturday my friends and I had planned to go shopping in Santa Barbara. I'm not one of the biggest shopping persons, but I like hanging out with friends, talk and eat. 4 others from my class and I took the bus to Santa Barbara. We were asked to give our ID cards until we got off, so we did. We didn't have any ticket, but we guessed we could pay at the end of our drive. When we got off the bus driver told us, that it was $8 per person. We gave him the money, he gave us our ID back and were about to leave, BUT THEN one of the staff talked to the bus driver and then he looked at us. He took my friend's ID card and said we hadn't paid enough and that the bus driver doesn't know anything. We had to get my friend's ID card, so we paid in total $25 each! Which is $125 for all of us. That was what most of my money went on......

We got lost trying to find State Street, but thanks to some very nice guys we end finding it! So we started the whole shopping process thing, even though two of my friends used an hour in Victoria's Secret. It might be very good quality, but I just don't like their concept and how they promote and advertise their underwear on 'perfect' skinny models - I'm not saying that other companies don't do the same. I just think there's a limit. My opinion on Victoria's Secret is not essential in this context - I'll continue. So meanwhile I went to PacSun where I got a backpack and three comfy t-shirts with patterns + FINALLY a new set of headphones from Urban Outfitters. My old headphones hasn't been working for about a year now, and I finally got my s--- together and bought some. Good job, Cindy...

For lunch we bough these really good healthy smoothies - Even though I kind of wanted a burger with fries, but I'm kind of glad I chose the smoothie. I need to think of my health a bit. 

For dinner we ate at this AMAZING sushi restaurant and it was also cheap. It was incredibly amazing and fresh. I got a Santa Barbara maki roll (not shown on picture) with salmon, avocado, crab, etc. (I think)... And then I got two tuna nigiris (shown on right picture). It can't tell you enough how great it was. It was really yummy. I want to go there again. I also tried to learn one of my friends how to use chopsticks, but we ended up getting the kids's ones.

We though we were able to get picked up by one of my friend's host family, but apparently we couldn't, so we had to take the bus again... Holy cow.... But the earliest bus was 21:55, and apparently American teenagers have curfew as a law. We had to be home or on our way home before 11pm - and we would be, if everything went as it should... But I'm not going to tell you about that yet.

After we had eaten sushi, two from our group got picked up by their host families (there weren't enough seats for all of us). Then there were three of us. All of the shops were starting to close down and the bars began to have happy hour. We went in a hat store, where we tried a lot of silly hats and Starbucks. Of course we had to go to Starbucks. I got their flourless chocolate cookie - and no it doesn't taste like weird 'healthy' alternative to a real cookie. It's really good and had a strong chocolate taste. I'm defiantly going to get one the next time I'm there. My friends got a blueberry scone and a Starbucks berry refresher. My cookie was defiantly the best. Don't judge my cookie love.

We finished our snack and drink and went to the bus station, where we met the two others who we took the bus with earlier. Then we BOUGHT a bus ticket for $15 each. The same man we met earlier was still really mad at us (we were also still pretty mad at him, though...). He said we had to hurry before the train came, because a lot of people from the train had to take the same bus. We then quickly went into the bus, found some seats and waited. 10 minutes later the bus staff man told us, that we were delayed 20 minutes, because we had to wait for the train. We got of course very upset, but we calmed down with some Oreos and more sugar. 20 minutes later (and now it's 22:25) the same man came and told us, that the train had stopped and they didn't know how long we would have to wait. It could be 30 minutes to 2 hours. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW ANNOYED WE WERE NOW. First we had to pay extra, because we didn't have a ticket (which is understandable), then we met the annoying staff man, then we get there on time, buy ticket and we have to wait 2 HOURS. We ate some more Oreo's and the mood became a bit better. We made goofy video, laughed (a bit too loud), but we really tried to make the best out of the situation - and it was a great experience and I wouldn't be without it.

I started my day out to be a really productive student. I did some international economy homework, a Danish analysis and some math. Then I talked to my two best friends back in Denmark. We talked for an hour about school, friends, etc. and it was actually really nice to talk to them again. It's 5 weeks since I last talked to them in person, and I'm used to spending 5 days a week with them. It's weird growing up. Sometimes I don't understand it. Sometimes I don't understand humans. The human evolution is weird. Humans are weird. 

Anyway; later I talked to my parents. I've already talked to them about 1-2 times, but it was nice hearing their voices again. I won't say I miss Denmark, but I miss being able to hug my parents. I don't feel emotional attached to Denmark in the same way others may feel. I don't really know, what I'm trying to say... I just miss the opportunity to hug my parents. I may not always hug them, but knowing I'm not able to hug my parents is a weird feeling. My heart gets a bit heavier.

After that I went watching a movie with my hose sister. It was called 'Courageous' and in the beginning I thought it was really stupid and boring, but the movie turned out to be extremely good. It's on my movie top 10 now. It was really good, and we probably cried 7 times - and I don't usually cry over movies.

At about 3pm we went to the picnic with all of the other Danish students and their host family. Most of the Danish students quickly found each other and had made their own little group where they talked Danish very loudly. I didn't think that was very polite to their host families that don't understand any Danish, so I decided I wanted to eat with my host families. Every time people talked to me in Danish close to my host family I would answer in English, so they didn't feel like they were left out. The food was really, really, really good though. There were chicken, salad, fruit, cake, baby wraps, etc. The picnic only lasted a couple of hours and then we left.

Monday - Labor Day
So I thought I was going to do some more homework, but apparently we were going on a road trip to the Ventura area (I'm not quite sure where we were). We started the morning of my driving to a Danish pancake house, where I obbiously got Danish pancakes. They actually tasted a lot like Danish pancakes. Then we ate lunch at Denny's and visited some family and friends very quick and then drove to Camarillo Premium Outlet. Where I bought some cheap, but good trainers and a Toy Story shirt. It was a really nice day

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So that's what I did this weekend! It was nice thinking about something else beside school work. Did you do anything special or does your country celebrate Labor Day? Leave a comment down below! Ilysm x

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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