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Hi again there – 3 posts in 1 week (It is more than I have posted the entire year), there we go!

The last weekend before Christmas is soon to arrive, so I found it appropriate to talk about my Christmas weekend last week + some of the Christmas traditions we usually have.
Update: Something happened to most of the pictures in this post, so I have deleted them and will put them up again after Christmas – So sorry for the inconvenience.

What is Christmas to you?
To many Christmas is just another word for: buying millions of present for money you don't really have and most of the time you buy presents to people you don't really like, because you try to make up for the fact that you don't really like them. I know a lot of people like that, it is so tiring to hear the bicker about it every year.

But for others, Christmas is the most festive month of the year with eating lots of good food, cuddling up with blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and going to Christmas markets. I have always had a few Christmas traditions with my family, even though we hardly remember them ourselves... Actually I would rather call it 'things we just sometimes maybe tend to do once every year, if we remember' than 'traditions'. 

The first weekend in December we buy our Christmas tree and decorate it either the same day or the day after. The second weekend in December we play some kind of board game, drink hot chocolate or watch a Christmas movie, and the third weekend in December is where we usually make confectionary and make this mini landscape with small elves, fir trees and a Christmas trains driving around.

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This year we are going a bit off schedule, as always, and did some home-made confectionary! I woke up at 10, because I had been writing until 3 am. I got up, ate some breakfast, went out to ride my bike, took a shower and then made the 'drinks' as pictured below.

It is Christmas (thank you for pointing out the obvious, Cindy), which in Denmark means lots of 'hygge' and lots of alcohol. But there we have me again (always so difficult) I don't drink alcohol and I would not necessarily say it is the most easy thing to not drink alcohol in a country that is practically swimming in it (throwing no shade).

BUT then I found this alcohol-free version of glügg/mulled wine. It is practically just hot apple juice, but with sugar, lemon, cinnamon, carnation, ginger, star anise, and shell of an orange, but compared to the real stuff it actually tasted really good and smelled even better in my opinion. I did not taste much of a difference, but then again I rarely drink alcohol, so who am I to judge? Anyway, to the people out there having the same problem about alcohol intoxicated Christmases there are alternatives! But then again it said 'family glügg' on the package, because no way people without children would drink this...

Anyway, look at the colours! Much more pretty than the real purple-ish stuff. You may not be able to see it on the picture, but the glügg is actually layered with the strong taste in top and all of the herbs(?) in the bottom, so when you swirl as spoon around it is like 3 different shades of orange! Probably not the most healthy drink, but it's Christmas – Give us a break!  

Home-made Confectionary 
I had bought 2 x 400 grams of raw marzipan and 150g of soft nougat for the confectionary and then the necessary complimentary dark chocolate! I never realised how nationalistic our chocolate is... And it is quite hard not to notice as there are Danish flags everywhere on the package... We took and melted the chocolate to cover our marzipan (Jealous now? :P)

We set the table with the marzipan, chocolate (not pictured) and nougat in the middle and then after we were done shaping/building/making/construct our confectionary we could put it on the wooden board to the left. For a 1,5 hour we turned the dining table into a confectionary factory and we literally sat so concentrated about making it, but they turned out to be so ugly!

I wanted to put some close up pictures of the beautiful result, but the result was really not beautiful. At all. You can see some of them on the picture below I really do not know what went through our heads...  So I thought I would spare you from the really terrible-looking sweets close-up. It tastes way better than it looks, so just imagine marzipan, chocolate and nougat. Yum!

The table was a complete mess afterwards! ...And I would lie if I said my stomach didn't hurt from all the "I-just-need-to-taste-one-while-I-am-working" excuses... After we were done with the confectionary we put them outside to cool down the chocolate. An hour later or so we were able to put them into small containers and they taste so good! And it is always so much better when you make it yourself, right?

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And that is what I did for my last Christmas weekend. I know it was mostly about food, but let's admit it, every gains at least 1 kg in December and we can rid of it to January, right? Happy Friday everyone. We survived! FINALLY! My Christmas break officially stars now, but don't get too jealous I have 4 school assignments during the holiday... Haha, have a nice one until next time! 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? I would love to hear them, so leave them down below in the comments – Maybe I can get inspired to get some new Christmas traditions next year! :)

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Love you all! xx

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