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IT IS THE 24TH GUYS, and we all know what this means.... Not only is it Christmas Eve, but a new post! Hallelujah, it is a Christmas miracle! Just kidding, of course there are many other things to celebrate to day such as the birth of Jesus (even though I heard Jesus was actually born in the spring, but anyway...) and food and family and love. How deep already!   
Hi again! 

Look at all of the promises I manage to keep – I am just as surprised. It is just going to be a short post, because the stressful Christmas is over me already and it is only 4pm here.

I just came back from London last night – I have much more on that to come, so don't worry. It was such a nice trip and I absolutely loved all of London's Christmas decorations. Oh, I have so much to tell you! The trip to London was very spontaneous. It was a combined birthday, Christmas, 4th of Advent present from both of my parents, so I just knew about the trip less than 24 hours before taking off. I went to Winter Wonderland again, saw the Science Museum, went shopping and so much more. I was just there for two whole days, but it was really lovely and I had missed it so much.     

I have guests coming over at this very minute actually and I have to help out with the dinner and everything. I am behind with all of the things I need to do, and I can see the guest arriving now – So I really got to go, but overall I just want to wish you all merry Christmas or a lovely day – whatever you prefer! Wish you all the best! xx

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Love you all and merry Christmas! xx

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