Joe & The Juice

Have you ever been on Joe & The Juice?

Joe & The Juice is a juice bar (No shit, Sherlock?) with delicious juices, shakes, sandwiches, coffee and now also salads.   

Joe and The Juice have stores in United Kingdom, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, thirty stores in Denmark and they are also rumored to come to The States soon! If you ever come across a Joe & The Juice, you need to try their sandwich! It's a bit pricy (Depends on how many billions you have on your bank account), so it's not something you can eat every day, but you're also allowed to treat yourself sometimes!

They just opened a store close to my dance studio, and I'm totally fine with that!

My favourite sandwich is defiantly the "Tunacado" with tuna mousse and avocado, and the  "Spicy Tuna" with tuna mousse, jalapeƱos and tabasco. My favourite juice is the "Hell of a Nerve" with strawberry, banana and elderflower.

The juicebar is great and I would love to work there (If it wasn't because they only hire hot guys - Not that, it's a problem with hot guys behind the counter - I don't complain!), but it doesn't beat my love for coffee shops. Of course it depends on the person, but I'm more a coffee/tea-person. 

They just began making salads, and I really want to try the crayfish salad next time I'm there.

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