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I'm glad I chose to write my blog in English, but sometimes it isn't always easy. Let's say I use Google Translate 25% of the time when I'm writing blog posts - because we can always trust Google Translate, right? Right?

Hiluuuuu, my friends!

I PROMISE YOU I'M POSTING ON A TUESDAY! It just ended up getting past 00:00 AM, but in my head it's Tuesday. Just imagine it's Tuesday - Mentally Tuesday! It's literally 00:01 AM...

Grammar Perfectionist
So I guess most of you already know, that English isn't my first language (if not - thank you, I take that as a compliment). In Danish I'm a spelling nerd and I can spell the most random long words. The spelling just makes sense in my brain and I can see when something's wrong with my spelling. I need to see the word once and I can spell it for the rest of my life, but even though I've always been one of those quick learners - and especially with new languages (unless Swedish*) - there's still words I just can't spell right in first try.

When I learned that the grammar rules are different in English I had a small freak out in my head - but even worse, we never learned the grammar rules. You can't just teach kids what's wrong without telling them what's right. I've had English for 5 years and they weren't thinking: "Hey! Maybe we should learn them, how to actually write longer texts in English". I'm not blaming the school system... Okay, I kind of am.... It's Denmark. We can't travel very far without having to speak English or another word in general.

That's why my commas - and just English grammar in general -sucks in most of my posts - I just put them where ever I think it might be. It's a nightmare for a perfectionist as myself.

There are specific things where your brain just turns into a sponge, and there are things you probably never will be the best at no matter how much you try (try anyway), but I think it's normal. I'm literally the worst with physics - I have no idea what's happening 99% of the time, but I got my shit together and got my A (which you probably know by now I'm pretty damn proud of).

Stupid English Words from The Beginning
When I went to school (I sound so old, but I just graduated...) we started learning English from 4th grade, but I traveled a lot when I was younger, so I quickly got used to speaking English. My first English words/sentenced were "Dad", "Mom," "I Love You", "School" and "Strawberry Cake". So 8-year-old Cindy was so proud when she asked the waiter at the restaurant for "One strawberry cake, please."

I remember thinking the word "tortoise" was stupid - I couldn't remember nor pronounce it. I just wanted to call it a turtle! Later I discovered that a turtle and a tortoise are not the same.
Another thing I remember was the words "sky" and "cloud". "Sky" in Danish means cloud - so that's why I got two mistakes on my English paper in 4th grade (I have always been a perfectionist).

Every school year (For. Five. Freaking. Years.) we got these books filled with Danish grammar exercises. It's supposed to be done by the end of the year.... I finished it after 3 months. Doing Danish grammar is relaxing for me. What is wrong with me? Call me a nerd. I won't deny it.

The words I usually mess up every time I write them:

How I spell it: "Immidiatly"
- I do this mistake ALL the time. I don't know why I don't learn from my mistakes. I always have to use Google to correct me. It's same with words like"Unfortuantly" - "Unfortunately".

How I spell it: "Faveorites" or "favourites"
- Okay, so I just realized you can actually spell it: "favourites" (According to Google). Being two different ways to spell it doesn't make it easier to remember either. When I first learned English it was British English, so I was used to spelling it with all the U's. Then when I started 7th grade suddenly we were learning American English (Because my teacher had been to America for a year).

My brain thinks "fave" and then my brain just want to go all autopilot and call it fave-orites. It makes sense when I write it, but when I see it I'm like: something's wrong...

How I spell it: "Defiantly"
- I'm blaming TV-shows here. I just can't hear the I's.

How I spell it: "Accesories"
- So close, so close... I think it's because when I was younger I used to call it "accersessories", so I just know there's a lot of S-sounds.

How I spell it: "Charachter"
- I don't even know... I think, I'm thinking: "There's an H somewhere - I don't know where, let's just put two H's to be on the safe side!"

 ~ · ~

* Swedish is a freaking complicated language. Actually it's not complicated. It's just confusing - and they speak so fast (Or I just really don't understand Swedish). It's a lot like Danish, but they just spell and pronounce the words wrong. Every Dane I know can understand Swedish and I'm like: "I don't understand a word of what you're saying". 

I had Swedish and Norwegian in fifth grade - It was the most confusing month in my entire school life, and I've been through a lot of confusing things. I read this thing a long time ago: "Norwegian is Danish spoken in Swedish." 

I don't understand why we couldn't agree on stuff like language or currency in Scandinavia... Anyway, I don't know why Swedish is difficult for me. I can read Swedish and I can understand swear words and small things like that, but if you're asking me for direction it's going to be in English. 

~ · ~
I want to improve for all of you, my lovely readers - and I'm going to learn to spell those words in my first try within this year! I'm not getting home from a semester in The US without being able to spell probably. That's my plan for California - 1. Learn how to spell.

BUUUUUT I've learned how to spell "exercise" in first try by the way! I'm proud of myself! If you have no idea what I'm talking about you should read my post "My 2014".

What about you? Do you have any words you just can't spell in your first try? Leave them in the comments! Don't be embarrassed, I spelled "school" wrong in an assignment once.... 

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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