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I went to Gothenburg last weekend - Just for one day, but it was a really great experience. I've never been there before - which is kind of weird because it's so close to Denmark.

Hi, everybody!

First of all I just want to make sure, that everyone know where Gothenburg is in Sweden. It's Sweden's 2. largest city. 470 km / 292 miles from Stockholm and about 300 km / 186 miles from Norway's capital, Oslo.

We drove from Denmark early in the morning (without breakfast - my nightmare), took the ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg - which takes about 20 - 30 minutes - and then drove to Gothenburg (215 km / 133,6 miles).

I would recommend to everyone who goes on road trip to bring snacks, a good long playlist and good company. It could be your best friends, family, dog or just yourself. Nothing is worse than sitting in a car with people you absolutely hate. Trust me. 

It was very cloudy most of the day, but it was still quite warm outside. I always love to stand outside on the deck. It's like no matter how many times I do it, it's somehow still magical. I'm like a little kid.

We still hadn't had breakfast yet, so we pulled over at this café (which had like this huge garden with benches, trees, a lake and everything!) to get some food. We didn't actually eat in the café, because we had brought our own food and had a small picnic-thing.

And of course I'm taking pictures of my lovely homemade tuna sandwich.

Luckily the sky looked a lot more friendly in Gothenburg than Denmark. It's a really beautiful and charming city and it's actually very peaceful compared to it's Sweden's 2. largest city. There weren't even that crowded, but I guess some people are still on vacation.

 I hadn't even realized that I was walking through "Victoriapassagen" when I took this picture. "Victoriapassagen" is like a small alley with small shops on both sides and a cozy café where people were sitting outside and talking. There weren't a lot of space, but it was quite charming with the flowers and the small signs above the shops.

Victoriahallen reminded me somehow of a lot smaller version of Carnaby Street. Even though it's very differentm it sill has the same kind of feeling to it. Saluhallen (picture above "Victoriapassagen"= also reminded me a bit of outside Covent Garden and the inside reminded me of the Danish "Torvehaller" with all the food and stuff. It really looked like the people there had a good time and enjoyed the summer.

I wrote a post about the Danish Fancy Food Market "Torvehallerne" a long time ago - You can read about it HERE.

Most of the apartments and the buildings were very beautiful build. The architecture is very beautiful in Gothenburg. They manage to mix a lot of different styles in one city without it being "too much" or looking out of place. Some places you would see old churches, some NYC inspired apartments, charming old-Danish-looking timbered houses, French high-class inspired apartments and so on. A very beautiful city.

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I also went to the "Feskekôrka" and the way home explored some of Sweden's suburbs - but you can read all about that on my next posts! What's your road trip essentials?

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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