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Last month I went to Six Flags Magic Mountains. This month I went to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Besides having to wake up at 5am and having to go to school the next day, it was an amazing fun trip!


So last Monday I went to Disneyland in California with three of my friends. We had to wake up at 5, but luckily I fell asleep in the car, because we got stuck in traffic, and arrived at around 11. Then we had to buy a ticket ($96) and when we were finally inside the park it was around 12. I have only been in Disneyland once, and that was the one in Paris almost 6 years ago! Disneyland in Paris and in Anaheim are really similar, but I prefer California's weather and now when I am older I experience it totally different. I still got pretty excited about taking a picture with Goofy and Mickey Mouse, though. Maybe I haven't changed after all.

We could also choose between buying a ticket to the Adventure Park, but it cost $54 and we were only going to be there for one day, so even one park seemed overwhelming. When I was in Disneyland Resort in Paris I bought the Park Hopper Ticket, where you can visit both parks, but I was there for about 3 days, so we had a lot of times in both parks. If you are going to stay for 3+ days I think it could be fun to have a Park Hopper ticket. I could use 2+ days in Disneyland Park easily, and also when you are staying for more than 3 days you get an early admission ticket, so you can into Disneyland Park an hour before they actually open. You have one hour to try all of the biggest rides before the lines gets too long. Now THAT is great.

My favourite ride was probably The Splash Mountain, but we had to wait in line for 1,5 hour. It was defiantly worth it, though. If you don't want to get wet DON'T SIT ON THE THIRD SEAT. I sat on the third seat by the way and I was soaked, but I loved it. That is the whole point with going on a water slide, but I am still pretty grateful for the Californian weather, so I could get dry before it got late.

When my friends were going on the slide we had no idea, what we were getting into, so we just screamed and laughed really loud. It was hilarious. I really wanted to try it again, but the line had gotten a lot longer, and we weren't really up for waiting 2+ hours for a ride. In total we probably only tried about 5 - 6 things (which is still more than I tried in Six Flags), but it still ended up being pretty fun. 

We also tried Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Matterhorn Bobsleds (multiple times actually), Autopia, Peter Pan's Flight and The Mad Tea Party (The tea cups), but I really wanted to try the Indiana Jones Adventure, because my international economics teacher had told us, that it was her favourite, but the line was so long and we didn't think about it until we had to go home.

I actually also went to Six Flags 3 weeks ago - You can read more about it HERE!

There were so many rides I wanted to go on, but we had school the next day and the other girls were tired. I have no idea where I got all of my energy from, I had been up since 5am and I hadn't slept well the last couple of days. I am usually very energetic, but I have no idea why.

I need to go to Disneyland again sometimes soon. Maybe in Paris again - closer to Denmark, but I want to have two of my best friends with me. I also really want to sleep at the Disney Hotel. I know it is really expensive, but somehow it is just a part of the experience. It is not necessary, but it makes the trip a bit more special!

We ate at the Hungry Bear Restaurant where I got the turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries. There were like 5 pieces of turkey in it and cheese with salad and tomatoes. It wasn't anything amazing, but it was good. I liked the sweet potato fries, but I had to take half of the turkey slices out (there were just too much meat in it) and the cheese, because I am still not used to American cheese. 

The other girls just wanted to sit, eat and talk, but I was like: "We don't have any time! We need to try some more rides before we go home!" Because who knows when it will be the last time you are going to Disney? That sounded really depressing, but maybe I am not going to Disneyland any time soon (It is still quite an expensive trip), so I just wanted to get the most out of it.

I also bought a big Eeyore pillow and it is the cutest and softest thing ever, but I didn't really think about how I would fit it in my luggage.... I will figure something out!

Disneyland was really a magical experience. It always is. Even though I was kind of annoyed, when I found out that Tyler Oakly was in Disneyland TWO DAYS AFTER ME. Not ok. No ok.

Have you ever been to Disneyland before? Where, when and what is you favorite ride? I will stop asking creepy stalking questions now.

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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