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I am usually quite frugal and I grew up with respect for money, but sometimes I really don't know what goes through my head when I'm shopping. Important? Unimportant? That is up for you to decide...


I don't know if I'm the only one (I really don't hope so), but I tend to buy random things (that I don't actually need). Instead of buying the things I was supposed to. Just before I went to California I went on a small shopping spree and bought some really random stuff...

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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
I saw this book in Urban Outfitters, but I was like 'nah it's too expensive'. But then I began thinking, what if I ever got stuck in quicksand or needed to know how to land a plane? Then I would probably regret I didn't buy it. It is an investment. An investment of life.... Maybe? It IS very useful and it's also quite funny to read about all the different scenarios. 

Fake Plants
The correct term for fake plants is "artificial plants", but let's be honest... It is just a fancy word for fake plants. I have gotten a lot of messages asking what is up with my fake plants obsession, and I honestly don't know. I just like fake plants. They are pretty, they don't die, you don't waste water and the leaves don't fall off everywhere. 

Rilakkuma Clock
Actually I bought this in Thailand, but it was really one of those impulsive purchases like I-Can't-Live-Without-A-Kawaii-Rilakkuma-Clock. My inner Asian just showed! Rilakkuma obsessed. I am really not sure what went through my mind, but I bought it.

I love buying mugs. I bought my Monster's Inc. mug exactly December 21 - 2013 in the Disney Store in London. It was the day before we went back to Denmark, and I remember I was really sad that day, because I kept thinking about I was going home. I bought the mug, so I would always remember walking around in cold winter London. It is a nice memory of an amazing birthday trip, and I always think of it every time I drink from that mug. I also love serving coffee or tea to guest in different mugs. It is too boring having 50 of the same type mugs.

Last year I blogged about my adventures in London. I wrote a post about what I miss about London, and you can read it HERE!

- But keep in mind my blog have gone through changes since I first started blogging almost a year ago. Sometimes I literally cringe, when I read some of my old stuff, but I decided to leave them up as a good funny memory.

Dolce Gusto
This is probably my most important unimportant biggest impulse thing I have ever bought.... but I LOVE it. Dolce Gusto Caramel Macchiato is SO good, but I really want to try the Chai Latte. It's defiantly one of the best things I have ever bought in the last 6 months. I just went into an electronic store to secretly dream about look at iMacs. I have always wanted a coffee machine (because I'm oddly passionated about coffee) and it was on discount, so I just looked at it for 2 minutes and I was like: "Why not?" Then I came home with a coffee machine.

Tarot Cards
Don't judge me, okay.... I just think there are something really fascinating about trying to predict the future. I wouldn't say I believe it 100%, but I would lie if I didn't say that a big part of me didn't believe it just a tiny bit. I am still practicing to use them, though, but I promise you I will learn it one day. 

I am one of those people who just wants to buy new notebooks even though I don't need any. I never use pencils in school in Denmark and most of the things I do is on my computer, but I just love notebooks with fancy covers. Another obsession of mine!

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Today my host family had a garage sale and we used about 3 hours on a Friday night to set everything up. I had to wake up at 7am, because the garage sale started at 8am.......... but instead I was up until 2am and binge-watched my favorite tv-shows. I was so tired most of the day, but we ended up getting about $400. It was actually quite a fun experience.   

Have you made any impulsive random purchases lately, and what do you think about mine? 

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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