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“It is great that you are passionate about something, but your passion is annoying me, so please stop.” 

To break the ice of the first real post after my hiatus, I would like to discuss the limitation of being ourselves in the public space – Or what I can say with words that makes me sound more intelligent than I actually am: the social qualitative identity; the same as the others. 

What a way to start, the ice is broken, I love this already! 

We, as people, are great at give each other judgemental looks and because of that we hold ourselves back. It is not only the judgemental looks, it is the way people talk about you because of it. If you love something it is normal to love talking about it as well. 

It is no secret that I love traveling, talking about culture, writing about the weirdest set of humans and binging multiple tv-series for hours.Don’t even get me started, I can talk for weeks about this, but I don’t, because I know it only interests me. 

You can’t do anything too much. If you love riding your bike, people will say: “doesn’t she have anything else to do?”, if you love coffee: “she is trying too hard to be a hipster”, or even if you love your girl/boyfriend: “she is so clingy, she/he will get tired of her soon”. 

Even having a blog has its stereotypical expectations. “Oh, you are like one of them,” they will say and roll their eyes in despair. Excuse me, I am sorry, but who are they to judge? The one I get the most is: “why are you so excited?”, because I get really happy and excited about the smallest things. I am in general a very exciting and happy person outwardly. 

Sometimes I laugh too loud and sometimes I talk too fast. It is like you are allowed to be you, but to a certain extent. You know the line is drawn, when people starts to roll their eyes, sigh, or just don’t answer you when you talk about it. We all have prejudices. I have prejudices, some of them I have thankfully gotten rid of. 

We can’t stop the world for having prejudices. We can gradually make people more open-minded by allowing ourselves to be who we are, try to make them understand (without forcing a lecture on them) and just don’t care. In the end it is about caring less about others and more about yourself. How egocentric I am for believing in this and even writing about it, right? 

There will always be people who lives of pushing other people down, and we all know they are pathetic losers. These pathetic people really have the power to effect people who are less confident, and they should not have that affect on anyone.You know it is easy to blame it all on the messed up society and the broken system, but the reality is if we want to be accepted as who we are, we have to accept others for who they are. We are all so strange and we love so many different things. 

I feel bad? Yes, I feel bad for people who are not as passionate about something. Being a ‘nerd’ is often seen as a bad thing, when it is not. I just means you love something a lot and allow yourself to be happy about it. I have to quote one of my favourite authors, John Green, when he in a YouTube video said: 

"…because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness'".  
– John Green 

To conclude on it all, haters gonna hate do your thing and let other people mind their own business. It is good to love, to be enthusiastic, to be passionate, to do things that makes you happy. As I mentioned in this post, tv-shows is something I can talk about for weeks and spend hours on Tumblr with. 

What is something you are really passionate about? Please let me know in the comments! :) Thank you for reading along.

Next post will be up already on Wednesday! (Yeah, believe it or not, but I am actually trying to keep my promises this time). Look forward to it, because I spend long time on it :) Have a nice Monday everyone, we can get through this week together! 

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Love you all! xx

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