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Hello, it's me (sorry I couldn't resist)

For a long time I tried to close my eyes and pretended like this didn't exist. I was trying to close the book and begin a new chapter, but I kept a folded corner on the last page of the chapter. It kept bugging me, so I tried to open the book again and I smiled.

I smiled at the memories and the words I wrote when I was just 14 - 15 years old. Then I turned 16 and everything blurred. Now, I turn 17 in a week and two years after I started making this blog I still can't stop thinking about it. I love creating this content and I love when people read what I write. I want things to change, because every day I wake up doing things I don't want to do because "it is for the future" or "what else should you do?". I want to do more things I want to do.

I am going off to Canada in a month and I am going to stay there until mid-March, Easter break to be precise. I can do this. I can start writing again. 

It is weird how normal it feels to be writing in this Blogspot format again. I use capital letters for my titles, two division slash and then categorise the blog post. Add labels, schedule it, create a fitting permalink and then a search description. I read the post through, publish/schedule it, refresh blog, read it again, correct mistakes (there are always mistakes) and publish it again. I liked that and I want to more things I like to do. 

'She said that last time', you might think, and I probably did. I probably thought I was going to do it. I am making progress and I am growing and next week I am 17. I will not promise anything, but I can tell you I want to do it and that is a little step closer than pretending it does not exist.

The next post will be out already on Monday 9 AM! THIS TIME I PROMISE! It is already scheduled. It is a bit of a heavy one, but personally it is something I find really interesting about social contexts and such.

If it makes it any better I am trying to write a book, so in a way I have been using my time right. I also finished a lot of large projects in school + got mid-term grades. Only one last project requiring 20 hours in January, and then I am off to Canada.

Enjoy the journey.

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Love you all xx

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